THE MULTIVERSE


Following the success of the last 2 year's tours The PWs have built a good reputation with Hawkwind and rock fans alike performing The Space Ritual, Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters and The Hall of the Mountain Grill albums, three classic albums by Hawkwind and Bob Calvert.

But this year as the band has jelled into a stronger permanent unit we are going to be performing some new songs from a forthcoming album in collaboration with world famous Sci-Fi writer Michael Moorcock along with songs Alan Davey wrote while in Hawkwind and other songs from his solo catalogue which fans are itching to hear along with some hand picked classic early 70's Hawkwind songs.

The band's move into new and original material is going to be a gradual process as different planes in the Multiverse merge and when full conjunction is complete we will be releasing a watershed album.

From the outset of the tour Hashishin will hit the dance-floor alongside space debris, robot warlords, chrononaughts, and sounds from the end of time in a multi-media psychedelic soiree. It's the 21st century. All hail the New Weird!


Band Lineup.......                    


Alan "Boomer" Davey - Bass, Vox, Synths.

Craig High - Vox, Sax, Clarinet, Flute.

Billy Fleming - Drums and Vox.

Simon Wilkins - Guitars and Vox

Zoie Green - Keyboards and Synths

Visuals by VJ FlickeringLight



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